Actuall offers

Jop opportunities

Vacancies: -Restaurants: waiter, bartender, receptionist, cook, kitchen helper and

other-hospitality: receptionist, janitor (I), maintenance, plumber and

other-caring: caregiver (s) at home or in nursing homes, retirement homes and

other-Farms: tractor driver, kombajnista, caregiver to livestock production, harvesting and other work

-Au-pair, Nanny: au-pair, nanny, au pair plus, mother's help, housekeeper and other

Vocational-Professional carpenter, welder, pressure booster, metal worker, hairdresser (CCA), tailor (I), beauticians and

other-Health: nurse, technician, physician and

other-Construction: mason / plasterers, tilers, electricians, roofer / carpenter, plumber, painter, plumber, locksmith and

other-Drivers: mainly buses and trucks (C, D, E,T)

-Skilledprofessions: architect, engineer, programmer, designer, web network administrator, logistician, manufacturing technology and other saddition that offer current position, looking for a job according to your skills, experience and preferences.