Personnel leasing


• the opportunity for flexible and rapid response to the changing needs of workers (number, qualification, place of employment)

• time savings in recruitment and selection of staff, the selection of employees is conducted by qualified experts

• complete transposition of personnel and payroll administration for seconded employees

• create sufficient time for the employer for examining the ability of prospective employees

• optimization of staff and to follow-up saving labor costs

PRI staff leasing implement:

• Recruitment and selection of suitable candidates (candidates database, trade, labor, etc. .) and presentation of selected candidates to the client

• personal administration of taking, change and release employees (contracts, agreements on temporary assignment employee, indemnity agreements, amendments to employment contracts,agreements severanceon employment, evidence sheets, and the like. )

• salary administration (payroll employees under applicable lawsof and regulations the processing of all deductions from wages, payments and reporting to the social security, health insurance, supplementary pension savings and the tax office, sending wages to the bank accounts of staff, printing and distribution of pay tapes staff, at the request of the employee issuing receipts, conducting annual reconciliation of taxon personal income and advance payments for health insurance)

• processing of reports in an agreed structure and periodicity

PRI staff leasing realizes user employer:

• Maintaining attendance assigned employees

• Training and monitor compliance with health and safety

• Providing protective equipment (shoes, clothing, etc..), if required operation

• allocation and control of work tasks